Something a bit different for a mid-season break to the State Motorkhana Championships.
The Mini Car Club is running a multi-club KhanaCross on Sunday, August 18 at Tiger Kart Club.
Supp Regs are here, which include event details, but essentially it consists of driving large-scale motorkhana tests that take up the whole area at Tiger.   Here’s an example of the type of tests:

Event regulations are very similar to Motorkhana, so junior drivers (12yo and over can enter).  However, because the speeds will be higher, all drivers need to wear a helmet and neck to wrist to ankle clothing (non-flammable).

Please consider using the CAMSEventEntry system to enter this event; it’s easier for both you and the organisers.  Login to the CAMS Member Portal and choose [CAMS Event Entry] from the [Member Services].  The system makes it so easy to enter events with its built-in payment options and online disclaimer system.  This event is labelled as “2019 MCC KhanaCross”.  Illustrated step by step instructions are here.  To add additional  drivers follow these additional instructions.  The creators of CAMSEE seems to have added a button for “same car with different driver” entries, but this appears not to suit motorkhana where the other driver may have a different entry fee; best just create a duplicate entry (with different driver name etc. (as per the instructions)).

The Supp Regs also detail alternative entry methods including emailing an Entry form.  

Like all MCC events there is a “Come -n- Try” entry available.   These drivers will complete the same tests as full entrants, however their times will not count in the results.  There’s a L1 licence ($25) to be purchased on the day of the event.  Note that only one of these licences can be issued per person, per year.
NOTE :  All entries (including “Come -n- Try”) must be made prior to the published closure of entries (for this event, the Thursday evening prior)


Dave Elliott

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