Owner: Andy
Year: 1966
Model: Mk1 GT Cortina
Colour: White with Red Flash
1500cc (Ha Ha Ha) ok 1600cc bottom end, 711M Block, Bored out a bit and some more. 1500 Head ported a bit ( Ha Ha) ok a lot, ultimate race cam, twin 40mm Webers with 36mm Chokes. Built by Mike Van Den Rydt.

Standard GT Gearbox

Suspension: Front: Variable Rate Lowered King Springs & Gas Struts. Rear: 2” Lowering Blocks, plus had springs reset 1” lower, Commodore gas shocks, nolathane bushes throughout.
Wheels & Tyres: 13” x 6” Hustler 4 Spoke with 205/60/13 Yokohama A509 Tyres
Brakes: Front: M16 Escort Calipers on GT discs, Competition pads. Rear: Standard GT 9” Drums and Braided Hose Lines.
Interior: Standard GT Spec with Sports Steering Wheel, Race Seat and 4 point harness.
Power: 160bhp at wheels
Future Mods:  
General: This is the GT Mk1 Cortina story. Well I have had this car for 16 years now which means I bought it in 1990. Well kind of because the guy I bought it from was a member of the British Ford Owners Club, as I was at the time. Anyway he asked me for a quote on some painting at his house. So needless to say two weekends and about $500 in paint the car was mine.
It wasn't licensed but it was running. I cleaned it up and checked everything over a period of 3 months. Then got it licensed. Drove it around to various club events with the other car club over the next 3 years. In 1993 Anthony List invited me to run in the Midland Speed Classic Regularity. This started my entry in motorsport and I haven't looked back. Anyway. After this event I realized my car was under-powered and handled like a wet sponge. So since 93 I have upgraded everything, Brakes, Suspension, Rebuilt gearbox, as for the motor I kept it to original GT spec for a while competing in other events. To date I'm on my 3rd rebuild, buts that's competition for you and I do give my motors a hard time. The current motor has a GT 1500 head ported & polished, twin 40mm Webers, the block has been bored out to about 1800cc+, altogether it should produce about 160 bhp.
In the 16 years I've had the GT the only change to the interior was a race seat and 4 point harness. The rest is as I bought it. I have never painted it except for the rear left hand panel, which a large hay bail left a nasty dent there from the Goomalling Regularity event one year (ouch!). and I also painted the red flash between the GT stripes.
The GT still needs some fine tuning and bits, but it's not bad for a car that is 40 years old. I still have the original owners manual, the car was first registered in Crows Nest NSW on 21/4/1967 and I still have the original 1500 motor with the matching numbers.
Well I hope you enjoyed my story about my Mk1 GT Cortina as I enjoy driving it.
See you at future events.
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