Owner: Ian
Year: 1975
Model: Mk2 Escort
Colour: White
2 Litre Pinto with Twin Webers

4 Speed

Suspension: 5 Link Rear, Rear Turrets, Panard Rod, Springs 2 1/2" 300lb Adjustable Platforms, Front: Rose Joints and Adjustable Track Control Arms, Compression Struts, Alloy Top Mounts
Wheels & Tyres:

15" x 7"

Brakes: Adjustable Pedal Box Rear Brakes are ST Focus Disc's with 635 BMW Callipers, Separate Hand Brake
system operating motor cycle callipers. Front are AP Callipers. 300mm x 20mm Front Discs
Interior: Stripped Bare with Full Welded in Roll Cage

Lightened Crank, Auto Gearbox Tunnel, Four Link Mounting Points, Full Steel Forrest Arches, Word Cup Cross Member, Baffled & Winged Sump, Capri Diff, Bulk Head Gussets, Fully Seam Welded. The diff has full floating hubs


Bought in November 1989 with no motor or gearbox. As I had a Mk2 RS2000 2 Door at the time and lack of time due to crewing for a Group 'A' race car, it got parked in the shed for 12 years. It is only over the last 5 years I have started seriously working on it.
Best in club All Ford Day 2011

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