Owner: John
Year: 1980
Model: Mk2 Escort RS2000
Colour: Red

Standard 2 Litre Pinto
Fuel: Premium unleaded with lead additive
Exhaust: After market with a four branch manifold.


Standard 4 Speed Manual

Suspension: Not sure, but the front suspension springs seem to be beefed up.
Wheels & Tyres: Standard rims in excellent condition.
Brakes: Standard with DOT4 brake fluid
Interior: Factory standard with fire extinguisher (just in case)
Mods: Stereo: Currently a Kenwood amp/Pioneer front speakers/Pioneer head and Polk rear speakers (this is all coming out and is to be scrapped once the car is restored as it was fitted by the previous owner).
General: Due to the fact that I’m oldish and from Yorkshire in England it would seem logical that I have a liking for Old British Fords, so when I passed my test at 17 my first car was a 1977 Roman Bronze MK2 2 door Ford Escort and from that day on I became part of a culture known as the “escort nutters”.

But as is the case with the British climate and the general poor condition of my car the MOT was going to send my pride and joy to the scrap yard as the inner outer sills/inner outer wings/all the floors/ rear wing roof pillar and rear panel were beyond economical repair.

To mourn the passing of my car I decided to replace it with a blue MK2 Ford Escort RS2000 custom which at the time was one of the cars to have and I have many memories of “us young uns” with either a Mexico, RS2000, Harrier or 1600 sport flashing our lights as we passed on the road.

The minor modifications I did to the car was lower the rear, fit a world cup cross member c/w engine mounts, replace the front suspension with road/race items and fit lower stiffer springs, the car then sat 2 inches lower with great road holding.

Once again though the tin worm was beginning to nibble so I made the decision to sell it while it was still good and worth a bit (if only I knew then what I know now!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!).

From then on my I owned various “modern” front wheel drive hot hatches which were the MK2 Fiesta XR2/ Big Bumper VW GOLF GTI and a 1900cc Peugeot 205 GTI but the good old days of a rear wheel drive drift never left me, that is until I moved to Australia in 1998.

Once I decided to purchase another Escort RS2000 I had to have one at all costs and luckily for me I seem to have a reasonable example.

Upon the purchase my goal was to have the car looking like as original as possible so on Saturday mornings I can be seen at Racetune asking Rolly for a clip here or a bit there and I’m sure he thinks “here comes that Yorkshire bloke again that grovels around the bent and twisted cars in my yard wanting stuff that most people take off and throw away” (thanks Rolly for humoring me in my clips “n” bits quest).

Obviously getting the car back to original will take time and the long term to do list is:

1. Strip down to a bare shell for a full restoration (this will have to wait until new project escort is completed)

2. Stiffen up the suspension and maybe lower it.

3. Continue sourcing clips and bits that are missing.

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