Owner: Kieran
Year: 1980
Model: Mk2 Escort German RS2000 Custom
Colour: Venetian Red with Optional Black Vinyl Roof
Standard RS2000 Pinto SOHC, Non Modified, Compression Ratio 9.2:1, Unique RS Exhaust Manifold and Exhaust System

Standard Short Shift 4 Speed Manual

Suspension: Standard RS2000, Fichel & Sacs Shock Absorbors, Rear Live Beam Axle with Half Elliptic Leaf Springs, Radius Arms, Fichel & Sacs Shocks
Wheels & Tyres: RS2000 4 Spoke Alloys 6" - 175/70 HR 13" Radials
Brakes: Front: 9.62" Discs - Rear: 9.0" x 1.75" Drums
Interior: Full Door Trims, Plush Pile Carpet, Front Fishnet Recaro Seats, Full RS Dash, Extra Clock & Pod, Centre Console, Boot Carpet, Bronze Tinted Glass, Remote Drivers Mirror, Black Panel Around the rear panel.
Mods: No Mods, Totally Standard and Original
Power: Max Power 110 bhp @ 5,500 rpm - Max Torque 119 lb/ft @ 4,000 rpm
General: Genuine RS2000 Custom with GCAT Chassis Number. Original and Unmodified. Only 41,000 miles on speedo, Never had any restoration work.

This story begins with me emigrating to Australia in 1981 from Northern Ireland. While in Ireland I owned many RS cars inc Mexico, RS2000, Twin Cam etc.

Prior to leaving I owned a 1977 RS2000 in Carnival Red, which I had planned to ship out to Australia. One of my friends also owned a 1980 RS2000 Custom which was only 6 months old when it was stolen and used in a terriost crime and left abandoned on the roadside. The Army carried out a controlled explosion on it and blew it to pieces. He desprately needed a car and as I first thought I could buy a RS2000 in Australia not knowing they were not really RS's, he made me an offer for mine that I could not refuse and sadly I let it go.

When I got to Australia I went looking for a real RS but sadly they were not up to my expectations and abandnoned the idea and made a promise to myself that next time I returned to the UK I would buy one.

I returned in 1983 for a holiday and most of it was spent looking for a late Custom. I looked at dozens but could not find one good enough. Finally I went to a dealer in Stoile on Trent and he had 4 in his showroom, 1 x Black, 2 x Venetian Red and 1 x Yellow. The Yellow one was ruled out as it was too rusty. The Black one had accident repairs. The other Red one had high milage. The last Red one was the best in my opinion and after a lengthy test drive and check over I parted with £4000.00 a lot of money then, and she was mine. I drove to my sister in law's house near Stamford and stayed there for a few days. I then travelled up to scotland and over to Ireland where I stayed with my mother in law.

While I was there I made arrangements to ship it to Australia and upon contacting Aust. Customs they wanted 97% of what they valued it at so I was in a dilema, as I could not afford the duty and where was I going to keep it. Luckily my mother in law had a small garage and no car, I persuade her to let me store the RS until such time I could take it to Australia.

Into the shed it went wrapped up in paper soaked in oil, blankets and many layers of cavity wall foam insulation. It was also sprayed with wax in all cavities. The engine was filled with oil, brakes removed and car put up on stands. All interior was wrapped in plastic and sheets. It sat there until 1992 when I returned on holiday. I took it out of the shed and got it MOT and taxed for six months, I drove over to the RS Owners Club National Day at Castle Donnington in August 1992 and displayed it there. On returning to Ireland I went to the Irish RS Owners Club National Day at Castle Bellingham where it won a trophy for the Best Mk2 RS2000.

I returned back to base and put it back in the shed as the Aust. Customs still wanted too much duty. It stayed until it was finally removed in 2003 as my mother in law wanted the shed and I finally reached an agreement with customs. I put it in a container and shipped it to Perth in October 2003.

This car is as it came from the factory in Germany, all hoses even the wiper blades are original. The tyres have been replaced and a new battery fitted. The spare wheel is the original new pirelli CN36. The options fitted are the BVR and rear seat belts. A new radion CD has been installed. This car has only 2 owners. First one lived in Crewe and the current owner in Perth where it now resides. It will not be driven as a daily car but as a show car for others to appreciate and enjoy.

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