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Liam Mk1 Escort RS2000 , Mk1 Escort Van,
Mk2 Escort RS2000
Nathan Mk1 Escort Race Car
Steve Fiesta ST
Mark Mk2 Escort & Mk1 Escort Twin Cam
Michael Mk2 Cortina 440
Kurt Mk2 Escort
Bevan Mk1 Escort RS2000
Ian Mk1 Escort RS2000 Replica
Kieran Mk2 Escort RS2000 & Mk2 Escort Rallye Pack
John Mk2 Escort RS2000 , Mk2 Escort Rothams Replica

Ian Mk2 Escort
Andy Mk1 GT Cortina, Mk2 GT Cortina, Mk1 GT500 Cortina, Mk1 Cortina Estate
Lee McIlroy Mk2 Escort Rally Car
Steve Focus RS
Anthony Escort Cosworth
Gavin Sierra RS Cosworth
Tony Sierra Sapphire 2WD Cosworth
Michael Mk1 Capri V6 GT
Chris Mk1 Escort
Davinder Mk1 Escort Cosworth
Bruce Mk2 Cortina
Luigi Mk1 Cortina
Anthony Mk1 & Mk2 Escorts
Noal Mk1 Escort Track Car
Nigel & Cindy Mk1 GT Cortina
Trever Escort
Blake Mk3 Escort
George Sierra Sapphire Cosworth
  Ian Mk2 Capri Ghia
Vince Mk1 Escort Race Car
Clive Mk3 Capri 2.8i
Paul Mk2 Escort
John Fiesta 180 ST
John Consul Capri
  Daniel Fiesta XR4, Mk2 Escort   Adam Escort
  Adrian Mk1 Twin Cam Escort
  Keith Sierra Cosworth   Mark Focus XR5
Graeme Escort RS2000
Margaret Mk2 Escort
  Glenn Mk2 Escort   Emil Mk1 Escort
  Ken Mk2 Cortina, Anglia Estate   Wayne  
  Ashley Mk2 Escort   David B.  
  David N. RS2000   Keith Mk2 Escort
  David W. Mk2 Focus RS   Roland Focus
Various Fords
  Caitlyn Mk2 RS2000
  Mark Focus XR5   Ewan  
  Brett Mk1 Escort   Robert Mk1 Cortina 2 Door
  Cleve TF Cortina Ghia   Graham  
Anthony Mk1 Escort Estate   Roger Mk1 GT Cortina, Mk1 Escort

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