Infomation Regarding Concessional Licensing

Concessional Licensing Booklet (PDF)


If you would like to know Model Numbers, Engine Sizes and Technical info on Mk1 & Mk2 Escorts (Australian Models only)
Click on the following Links to download a PDF.

Mk1 Escort Technical Details
Mk2 Escort Technical Details

This PDF shows the breakdown of the Identification codes on the Compliance Plates for Capri, Cortina and Escort.

Model Codes

Genuine Ford Unique Parts Listing

Capri RS3100 & Mk1 RS2000

Mk2 Escort RS2000

These links are for Body, Engine, Transmission, Paint & Trim Codes for the following models


Mk1 Cortina

Mk2 Cortina

Mk1 Escort

Mk2 Escort

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